Meet Brian

Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Public speaker

Since my early twenties, I have had the drive to be an entrepreneur. Working for someone else forever, never sat well with me. So back in 2012 I took the leap and started my first business. Even though that company failed, due to my own mistakes I didn't give up.

I spent 3 years investing in my growth and education on the subjects of sales, closing, entrepreneurship, business, and mindset. Through that time I discovered my true purpose. To help 1 million people launch their first business and be successful. Just like that Dream Biz Coaching was born!

How does DBC work for you?

1. Mindset Training: If you don't have the right mindset for personal growth and business, you don't stand a chance of having the business and life you dream of. This is why a big part of the curriculum focuses on fostering a mindset of success, abundance, and rending your limiting beliefs powerless!

2. Personal Growth: The person you are right now reading this will never be the proud successful business owner you envision. This may be hard to hear but it's the truth. One thing I will never do is try to B.S. you in order to sell you. In order to achieve your dreams, you must change! This is the second biggest focus of DBC, helping you transform into the person who deserves the success you desire.

3. Practical Knowledge: Once your head is in the game, now it's time to focus on the foundations that all 6-7 figure businesses are built on. This is where we go deep into your niche, your messaging, offer structure, authority building, and much more! This way you know exactly the roadmap that takes you to the business and freedom you want and deserve.

Opportunity doesn't wait until you're ready


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