Meet Brian

You've Always Had Permission to be Powerful...Now Claim it!


Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Public speaker

Since my early twenties, I have had the drive to be an entrepreneur. Working for someone else forever, never sat well with me. So back in 2012 I took the leap and started my first business. Even though that company failed, due to my own mistakes I didn't give up.

I spent 3 years investing in my growth and education on the subjects of sales, closing, entrepreneurship, business, and mindset. Through that time I discovered my true purpose. To help 10 million people be successful in business through coaching and public speaking. Just like that Dream Biz Coaching was born! The latest evolution in my coaching is the Client Attraction System!

How does CAS work for you?

1. Permission to be Powerful: "Should is shit!" It's so easy these days to listen to every other "expert" on how to grow your business, when really the only one who really matters is you. This first pillar of my coaching is about giving you simple tools to align your spirit to your business so you have more joy, peace, and motivation running your business.

2. The TCS Method: TCS (Transparent Conversational Service) is the best way to supercharge your content with value, engagement, and be omnipresent. The best part is your audience will literally write most of your content for you! This allows you to have more content, more time, and the really cool ability to create "shut up and take my money" offers.

3. Magnetic Leadership Now more than ever people are hungry for leadership not more knowledge. Your clients want to be part of something bigger than themselves, something their identity (or identity of who they want to be) can fit inside. In this pillar you'll create your movement, tribe identity, and engage in leadership building activities inside and outside of your season's group.

The CAS Beta launch is happening soon and to celebrate I'm giving away a free email training on how I attracted my first coaching clients, which stacks onto pillar 2 the TCS method. Becoming part of this group you'll also be the first to know when enrollment is open for the inaugural season of the Client Attraction System! Only 10 people get in per season so this email training and group is a great opportunity!

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