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The DBC Process







How these impact your business!


What you think about yourself and your business is what comes back to you. If you think you're a fraud or that you don't know enough to launch, you will sit idle until these mental blocks are dealt with.

Your mindest is 80% of the game of business. Without a bulletproof mindset that can carry you through the challenges and tough times your business will not succeed, bottom line. This is why you need a system to align your subconscious, conscious mind, and your energy. Once all three of these aspects are clear of self-doubt and heading in the same direction you can thrive in business and life!


What are you going to say to attract your perfect client? How can you let them know that you understand them and you are the best person to help them reach their goals?

Your messaging is everyting from a greeting at a networking event, to what you say during your sales call, and everything in between! If nobody can clearly understand what you do and who you help, then you will be sitting for months with little to no clients and be moments away from shutting down your business. The correct messaging connects instantly and ensures you have a pipeline of potential clients!


How do you get clients? That's the million-dollar question, right? In order to have a thriving business you need people to serve, but where do you go to cast your net and what should you use for bait?

Marketing is something you must do as a business owner, but what type, where, and how are questions that if left unanswered leave you spending hundreds or thousands on ads because nobody is paying attention to your social media! The best type of marketing is done based on interest, not attention, and when done right will help you build a tribe of fans who will always buy from you!

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