Fall in Love With Failure

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Failures are going to happen, but how do you take them in stride? How to not let failure get you down and always keep moving forward toward your goals.

Have you ever been going strong on a project and out of nowhere BAM something breaks down? It could be a technical item or the loss of a client or vendor. What can you do in order to keep moving forward?

Failure is awesome

There is nothing that will teach you faster than failure. What matters is not taking it personally and consider the loss as "part of the game".

The first thing you must do is not let the feedback of any failure take root in your mind as a personal attack. Even if you're a solo-preneure that negative feedback is directed towards your business/product, not you personally. After all, does that former client with the negative break-up email really know you? No of course not, so don't take it personally.

Get better faster

Now that you are highly aware there is a breakdown in your system, you have the opportunity to fix it. Not only will this make you feel better, but your current and future clients will be better served because you took action. This is why you may have heard many successful entrepreneurs say something like "I want to fail as quickly as possible".

An Ace up your sleeve

"Humans make plans and God laughs".

As you encounter those failures and setbacks another way to keep moving forward is to have a back-up plan. Your main computer could all of a sudden decide to freeze or update at a critical time (happened to me recently....blah), so it would be great to have the same programs on your laptop so you can keep going. There's also the opportunity to just stop and go to another project that doesn't require the particular piece of equipment that is having a moment.

Summing it up

To keep moving forward in spite of failures and setbacks requires two key things, well 3 really;

1. Don't take it personal

2. Have a back-up plan

3. Stay in action

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