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If You Want Sales, Read On!

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Are you in business for yourself? If you are then you're well aware that the lifeblood of any business is the ability to create sales. After all, if you don't have any sales there's no money coming in and eventually, your business goes away. So how can you increase the amount of sales that you get, ultimately putting more money into your business and decreasing the stress in your life? This is a big subject and can't be covered in one blog post that would be way too long and take way too much time to read. So instead you'll be able to find this information on how to increase your sales in multiple posts going forward.

Who You Talking To?!

It's Jake from State Farm. LOL!

But seriously though who are you talking to when it comes to your content and your marketing? The very 1st thing you have to do in the sales process is to identify who your ideal client is. If you don't know who you are trying to add value to, or are just winging it your sales calls are going to be atrocious. In order to be effective and close more sales, you have to be certain who your customer avatar is. You have to know what interests they have, what their pain points are, where they hang out online, and how they speak.

Once you have outlined your ideal customer avatar you now know how to put the right information out into the world so your ideal customer can find it. Not only find it but find it useful and valuable. The combination of being able to effectively speak to your customer avatar and have them feel like they actually connect with you, that you understand them is a powerful weapon in your sales arsenal. If you've done this effectively by the time you get your prospect on the phone they already feel like they know you, like you, and can possibly trust you with their investment or by purchasing your product.

Make, Make, Authority

Once you've established who your perfect customer avatar is now it's time to start making content. You know what problems they're having and you also know where they hang out online. Now is the time to start making posts videos and blog posts to add value to that client. Just a quick reality check here, not every post you make is going to have a moderate or even high level of engagement. The thing you have to do is keep going keep adding value no matter if you get responses or not. The more content you put out in the world that uses relevant hashtags to make it searchable the better off you're going to be.

The next step is to go into those larger social accounts where you found your ideal clients and start engaging with them in the comments. This will allow you to address their issues, give them tips and encouragement when their comment is deep in the thread and not being responded to by the account owner. What this does is help establish your authority in the space and creates another connection for that person to go follow your account because you paid attention to them. Once people start coming to your account from the larger accounts they will see the backlog of high-quality information that you have put out further establishing your authority and trust in the space.

Once you've done a deep dive into how to discover your perfect customer avatar and started making content to add value to that person you are well on your way to creating more sales. In the next post, you'll discover the key to creating more sales once you have your ideal client on the phone and how to maximize that time.

Do you have a method to reveal and discover your perfect customer avatar? If not take mine. Click here, fill in your email, and instantly download a powerful worksheet to help you uncover your ideal customer avatar. Now go out there and close close close!

All the best,

Coach Brian

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