What Business Should You Start?

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

The Age Old Question

When it comes time to pick which business to start, there's trepidation, doubt, and an abundance of ideas. Which great idea do you go with? You could do so many things! Sometimes the sheer amount of directions can leave you in a state of pause, stuck in the mud so to speak. So how can you figure out which road is the right one when it comes to starting a business?

There are three ways to help determine which great idea you should pursue.

It's All About You

The first and best way to determine which business you should start is to ask yourself this question.

What do you love to do so much it's the only thing you want to be paid for?

This flies in the face of the saying "I love it so much I would do it for free". That phrase is something that should be attached to a hobby. Not saying that you can't or should not turn a hobby into your career, but caution is needed. There is a chance that once you have to get up everyday and work on your hobby the motivation could go away.

Now that you have a little different perspective on what the ideal business for you should be...what is it? What is the path that you'll be excited to jump out of bed everyday and crush it? The one path filled with people who you would be thrilled to hang out with and talk to for hours about your passion?

Become the Census

Alright so step one isn't yielding the results you wanted and you're feeling the mud of indecision clamping your feet down again. Now what can you do? The next best method of determining your business path is to ask your inner circle. These are the people closest to you, the one's who know you the best. They could be family members, friends or maybe even co-workers. Ask them if you were to start a business, what do they think you would be great at? You may be surprised or even validated by what they suggest!

A word of caution about this method. Whatever your census poll reveals check in with yourself really honestly. The thing is, this is your life. This is your business and you have to work it everyday. Just like the difference between a hobby and your true business path you have to be excited to serve the people connected to your business. You have to be all about it everyday. Your parent, sister, best friend may have "the one and only path" you should travel in business, but that doesn't make it your truth.

Go Crush the Salad Bar

Well damn, method one was a flop. Your inner circle doesn't know you as well as you might have hoped, so now what? Well if all else fails it's time to hit the proverbial salad bar of life! It's time for you to go try different businesses and just figure out which is the right one for you. Life is full of options and choices and you are free to pick whatever you want. If the first one of those tries doesn't end up being "the one", drop it and pursue the next one on the list. To be perfectly clear here.....


Hopefully that wasn't too loud...LOL! But in all seriousness there is no shame in changing direction when something isn't working for you. Don't feel obligated to your inner circle or even your clients. If you're not fully invested in your business, they would be better served by someone else.

If you choose to go to the salad bar of business there's one more stuck in the mud moment you may have....which one should you try first? It boggles the mind why people get so trapped in just getting started. Which business should you try first? JUST PICK ONE AND DO IT! You may still be torn and stuck in indecision, but the thing is it doesn't matter. Literally write them down on strips of paper, put them all in a hat, close your eyes and draw one out. Whatever that business is that's the one you're trying first! How easy was that? If you find yourself wishing you would have drawn something else out...well then, that's the one you should try first because there's a subconscious yearning present.

A final bit of free coaching here. When it comes to loading up on the business salad bar of life, don't chase money! You have no doubt seen people online in ads, in videos telling you how they made a ton of money every month by doing their business...and they'll show you how to do it too! Before you hit the buy now button and spend 2k on a course for Amazon FBA, do a real gut check. Are you really excited about spending 5k plus after the course to have your own private label products shipped to Amazon from China, and spend 5 hours every day on the computer marketing? Or are you mostly excited about the money and how having more can provide the freedom you're burning for?

If it's just the thought of more money and the freedom it can provide....run the other way! The act of chasing money will lead to you wasting your valuable time and money on things that you don't really want to keep up long term. Your best bet is to go forward with a business because you love the process, and you love the people you would be serving. If you go down that path in business the money, success and fulfillment has no choice but to follow you.

All the best,

Coach Brian

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