What You & a Lab Mouse Share

That's a pretty interesting way to start off a blog post, what do you and a lab mouse have in common? You're a human after all what could you possibly have in common with a mouse who spends its entire life in a science lab? Well, the thing that you have in common with said mouse is a stimulus-response. What you're gonna discover is the difference between winning and losing in the context of an experiment between mice. The commonality comes in when we apply the stimulus to a different area when it comes to business and entrepreneurship.

| How the Race is Run

Here's the set up to the experiment. You have two mice that are put inside of a tube maze. At first, no stimulus is applied to either mouse and they are free to run the maze and try to get to the end on their own. Inevitably one mouse will be the winner. The mouse that won the first run now will be the winner from now on if no stimulus is applied going forward. The poor little mouse that lost the race will always lose to the winner if everything is kept equal.

However, if the simple stimulus of a stick ever so slightly prodding that losing mouse along is applied he will win. It doesn't matter how many times he lost or how many times the winning mouse one if that simple stimulus of a stick is applied the losing mouse will become the winner. So how does this apply to the world of business and entrepreneurship and what kind of stimulus can drive you forward to become the winner you were meant to be?

| Pick Up a Stick

No one is suggesting that you hire somebody to stand behind you with a stick and smack you in the butt to get motivated or to invest in a cattle prod. But what kind of stimulus can you apply to move forward and be a winner in business? The answer is coaching and mentorships. Just like the stick was meant to be uncomfortable and push the mouse forward so he could become the winner, a coach puts you in a state of discomfort and pushes you to discover new heights. Yes just like the first test you could put yourself in the maze of business and just figure it out and eventually, maybe get to where you want to go. But if you truly desire to be the best to outperform your competition you need that stick, you need that coach that mentor to push you beyond what you think is possible.

The journey of an entrepreneur is not traveled on a straight road with no obstacles. Just like the maze for the mice, your journey will have twists and turns and unexpected dead ends. The best advances in your career and your life come with the humility and the realization that you cannot do this on your own. In order to truly achieve your fullest potential, you need mentorship you need coaching. We humans will only put forth the minimum amount of effort to reach our goals if we can get away with it. The thing is that kind of effort doesn't lead you to your fullest potential.

| Find Your Scientist

The best thing you can do when searching for your mentor your coach is to look for someone who has been there before. Someone who has taken the bumps and bruises from the real business world. Someone who has invested in their own growth through mentorships and programs. These people will be your guide and help push you through the maze of business when you think there's a dead-end or you can't figure out a problem to get to the finish line. A mentor will help you understand there is no such thing as a dead-end and you have the capability to achieve the success that you want.

So where do you go about finding a mentor to guide you through the process of business and entrepreneurship? Well, they're out there everywhere, there's no shortage of business coaches in today's society and every day more are completing their certifications and coming online. You simply need to find the ones that resonate with you or have a particular skill set that you need to add to your business. In fact, if you're reading this blog post you are already on the website of a business coach for first-time entrepreneurs! Check out their site look at their reviews, the packages they offer the skill sets they have. Maybe even set up a few discovery calls to figure out who you have a real connection with. For one on one coaching, this is the only way to go. If you don't feel a genuine connection with that coach then you won't be super motivated to put in the work.

So what do you as an entrepreneur have in common with a lab mouse? You're both stuck in a maze and want to get to the finish line, you want to get your version of success. You also need some uncomfortable guidance to push you beyond what you think is possible. You need someone who knows more than you, who believes in you to transform you into someone who wins in their business!

Now go out there and find that scientist who will push you towards a cheesy victory!

All the best

Coach Brian

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